The importance of the research question

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As I ramp up towards the next big round of research grant applications at my university, I’m back to advising faculty on how to build their applications for success or how to revise a previously unsuccessful application into a successful one. For my first post, I thought I would tackle by number one piece of advice.

Photo  taken by Ethan Lofton Photo taken by Ethan Lofton

A competitive research proposal must have a clear and compelling research question.

I am a strong opponent of copying and pasting from one section of the research application form to another, but the research question is the exception that proves the “no-copying” rule. Feel free to repeat the research question, in the same phrasing, ad nauseam throughout your application – in the summary, the project description, the student training section and even in the title (!).

It is your research question that provides the motivation for the project and provides…

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Robots are coming to take our jobs

Speaking to Anton was worrying, it seems that robots are already having better outcomes as psychologists and coaches. Which doesn't bode that well for me, time to consider what other skills I have that a robot doesn't. Which it turns out isn't a lot. Artificial intelligence is already being used to deliver services that people once did, however, the surprising impact is that it is the professional services that are currently being hit the hardest.

WIRED 2016 to partner with XPRIZE

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