Coaching for winning funding

Gary first checks that we share the same spirit about business, entrepreneurship and life. He wants to work with like-minded people; this ensures that his coaching and advices perfectly fit with the context and find a welcoming ear. It works.

He coaches, engages us in a schedule, and brings a pace that makes deliverables arise without perceived effort. Besides, he not only coaches: he also dives into the work itself, reads, writes, rewrites – until the file submission. It was a delighting experience, and I will certainly work with him again

Laurent Kinet, Swan Insights

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I coach you to develop an outstanding proposal by teaching you the strategies, tactics and methods I use and have developed to win funding. I even used government funding to fund my own technology company winning over £350,000 in InnovateUK funding.

My method is called the winning mindset. I call it this because the one thing you can do to significantly increase your chances of winning is to change your mindset.

I know it may seem obvious but I think many people forget that grants are just another form of financing similar to loans and selling shares. And with each financing method you will need a different approach and mindset to get the money you need. Equally you’ll also need to have access to the right expertise and knowledge to help you get that revenue.

So often I see companies fail to approach winning grants with the same professionalism as they do when rising other forms of finance. And grant applications are seen as a lottery and not worth spending real focussed effort to develop the proposal. Proposals are given to people that are already working full time on other projects, and with little extra support. Or the work is given to an external proposal writer with the instruction that this can’t take up any of the company’s time, but it needs to be great and has to win.

The most likely outcome of any grant application is that it will be refused, so why spend the time developing a proposal if you only have a 10-20% chance of winning? But with it being a competitive process, doing your best work and taking the time to prepare correctly is the only approach you can take.

Anything less and then it is wasted effort.

Working with Gary we have won three consecutive funding proposals, winning over £400,000 in grant funding for our business…

Tamara Giltsoff, VP Business Development Product Health

How does it work?

I offer group coaching or one-on-one coaching to enterprises wishing to access UK or EU level funding.

Once a week we meet over skype or in person and discuss your proposal. I give you guidance and challenge you to think about your proposal. I’ll also teach you techniques that will help you to improve your proposal. I’ll help you improve your writing and help you build a persuasive argument to win funding.

When working one-on-one I’ll also edit and write sections of the proposal with you.

Coaching is different from the way other proposal writers offer their services, as I do not offer a full writing service. This is because I want to help people develop their proposal writing skills and win funding.

Proposals are much stronger and well thought out if you take the lead when developing your proposal. You are closest to the idea, and you understand better than me how it will work. With coaching I question you and challenge your assumptions, I also give you new ideas and help you define and tailor your ideas.

As well as helping you to grow and develop your skills, coaching is a cheaper business model than many other ways to access funding expertise. Many funding experts and companies will charge you significant set-up fees and large win fees. Ultimately any win fees effectively reduce the amount of grant you are awarded, and they aren’t a cost that is allowed to be included as part of the grant.

How much does it cost?

My prices are;

Standard rate up front costs Success fee Time
One-on-one €2,500 €0 Two hours per week for 12 weeks and writing support
Group of upto 4 people €625 €0 One and a half hours per week for 6 weeks
Start-ups/early stage up front costs Success fee Time
One-on-one €1,500 €0 Two hours per week for 12 weeks
Group of upto 4 people €375 €0 One and a half hours per week for 6 weeks

*prices do not include Belgium VAT at 21% if applicable

I do not offer any no-win-no-fee or success fee based business models. As I believe this isn’t a sound business practice for the reasons that I describe here.

All fees are due upfront in full before the coaching starts, I operate a first come first served basis. I work with a limited number of clients to ensure that I give you the focussed time you need to develop your proposal.

Start-up and early stage rate

To qualify for this rate you’ll need to be under three years old from the formation of your legal entity.

How does the one-on-one coaching work?

We meet every week for up to an in depth two hour session to discuss your proposal and help you write an outstanding proposal. Also you’ll get support during the week on any proposal copy you send me, I’ll  comment and suggest edits and changes to your proposal copy. And during coaching hours you can contact me to answer any questions or give advice on any challenging topics.

How does the group coaching work?

Group coaching takes place every week on Wednesday’s between 11:00 and 12:30 CET. Group coaching is always open, thus you may be on a group coaching session alone or with up to three other people. You also may be at different stages in the proposal development process.

Group coaching has the benefit of constant external peer review of your work, and transfer of knowledge from other business models and technologies. But we spend less time per week on your proposal and your unique challenges.

How to book an enrollment session

Acceptance to any coaching programme is by invitation only after you have completed the enrollment process. The enrollment process is there to ensure that you have an idea that is suitable for funding and if I am the right coach for you.

The enrollment process is completely free, with no expectations or commitments that we will continue with the coaching once we have finished the enrollment. Enrollment consists of a maximum of three one-on-one sessions lasting up to an hour each.

To book your first hour enrollment session by filling in the contact form.

Gary Bridgeman helped the IRU secure over €800,000 Euros in funding from various EU programmes over a two year period. Gary was very efficient and successful in gathering funding to support IRU priorities and I can recommend him to anyone that has an interest in obtaining EU funding.

MN General Delegate, IRU